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How do I renew my current contract?

When your contract is due for renewal, we will email a Notification of Expiry letter and a new Extended Storage Agreement.

If you are ready to extend your storage with our annual renewal plan, please follow the link below.

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Why Cryosite?

Cryosite were the pioneers for private cord blood storage in Australia and we have been trusted to store cord blood stem cell/tissue samples for more than 18 years.

Cryosite stores samples for over 18,000 babies.

You have trusted us to safely store your precious cord blood samples over the years. We will keep your samples healthy and safe in continued long-term storage in case you ever need to access them.

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What services do Cryosite provide?

Cryosite uses state of the art equipment to store cord blood stem cell samples. Long-term storage allows for the potential use of these precious samples for treatment of current and future medical conditions.

We are dedicated to continuing our relationship and commitment to our current customers. All samples which have been stored with Cryosite will continue to be stored for the term of the storage agreement, or until a request for release is made.

While we are no longer collecting or processing new cord blood/tissue samples, you can be reassured our business is enduring and reliable. Cryosite continues to provide clinical trial logistic services, biological storage of clinical samples, and other services for highly regulated products.

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What services do Cryosite not provide?

Cryosite is no longer collecting or processing new cord blood/tissue samples. All samples which have been stored with Cryosite will continue to be stored for the term of the storage agreement, or until a request for release is made.

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How do you store cord blood stem cell samples?

Frozen cord blood and tissue samples are stored at less than –150°C in liquid nitrogen (vapour phase) tanks.

Take a virtual tour of our laboratory to view the silver cryogenic tanks where your samples are stored.

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Why continue to store my cord blood/tissue?

Stored stem cells continue to be a potential source of treatment for many current diseases and an ever-expanding number of future uses.

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What about StemLife samples?

StemLife customer samples which were acquired by Cryosite will remain in storage at our facility in South Granville, NSW. We are committed to the long-term storage of all StemLife cord blood samples.

How do I know my cells are viable?

In order for stored cord blood to be released and used as a medical treatment in Australia, it first must pass viability testing performed by an external laboratory. Over the years, Cryosite has released multiple viable cord blood units which have been used as medical treatments, providing you with reassurance that our processing and storage conditions are professional, reliable and of high quality.

How do I access my cord blood or tissue sample?

You can request a release of your sample at any time.

Please contact Cryosite to receive information about the release process. There will be a fee for organising transport of the sample.

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What happens if I don’t continue storage?

If you choose terminate the storage of your cord blood or cord tissue sample, we will require notification in writing. The sample may be transferred to another licensed facility, donated to Cryosite for quality control testing, or destroyed appropriately.

Cryosite does not facilitate donation of cord blood samples for non-familial use.

Cryosite strongly believe in the benefits of storage and potential for stem cell use in future medical treatments. We encourage you to renew your storage plan.

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